Meet The Family

About Our Ranch

Lucky 4U Ranch is located in Sanger, Texas. We are a small family owned and operated ranch. Todd Underwood, owner, has always dreamed of owning Texas Longhorns. We would often throw out the idea of owning a ranch to raise Longhorns but we have always spent our free time chasing our kid’s dreams or running our HVAC business.

In 2020, Todd and Stephanie Underwood were able to purchase land to make this dream possible. We were looking forward to raising our kids on a ranch and thought that we just wanted a couple Longhorns for yard art, but quickly got hooked and wanted more.

Our heard is always growing and we are fortunate enough to have our Longhorns here at our house to interact with them daily. Our kids enjoy going out to feed every day and we are always looking for the newest member of the herd. We are TLBAA members and all of our cattle are registered. We enjoy meeting up with friends at the local TLBAA events.

If you ever want to visit our ranch or have any questions, please feel free to reach out.